It’s a poverty that we did not learn the significance of this great city and it’s significance to our history when we were being taught ‘American history’ in grade schools. The French-Indian war (Seven years war) and the incredible Industrial Revolution contributions made by this geographic area have been marginalized into bylines and end notes in our modern-day school curriculum’s. This is intellectual cowardice and ignorance of epic proportion. In just a couple of days of travel in this region, one will discover how this ‘backwater’ of the U.S. has affected the world as we know it today for well more than 250 years. Did you know that the French-Indian war was the 1st ‘world war’? Me neither.  That the end of that war laid the foundations for WWI, and the end of that war…..WWII, and the end of that war??? The war on terrorism. We have only to thank English, French, and American imperialism for the shit-storm we live in today. Did you know that the modern process for aluminum production comes from Pittsburgh?  Did you know that the steel you trust your life to every day was probably made in Pittsburgh? Did you know that Pittsburgh was known as the ‘arsenal of democracy’? That’s OK. Neither did I. Did you know that many of the labor/union benefits many now enjoy were bought with spilled blood in this city? Neither did I. Did you know that many of the medical miracles keeping us alive were discovered and refined in this city? Neither did I. Do you have any idea how good a Peppi’s sausage hero is? Neither did I.  Please do yourself and America a favor. Visit this great city and learn something none of us were taught.

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